The Creative Economy Council of the Philippines or CECP's vision is to put the Philippines among the top five creative economies in Asia Pacific. The Council hopes to rank the Philippines alongside Japan, South Korea, India and China by 2010.

In this vision of the Creative Economy Council of the Philippines, two agencies of the Dept. of Trade & Industry which are the Board of Investments and the Center of International Trade Expositions and Mission or CITEM have pledged their full support.

With this vision, the Council hopes to encourage a creative industry that generates jobs and new entrepreneurs as among the priorities of the Philippine government in improving the country's economy. The program is called CREATE Philippines that will be unveiled at the 66th Manila FAME on Oct. 20-22. The program's platform will showcase the Philippines' Creative and Content Industries to the international market. It is a venue for creative professionals to connect and catalyse new business through a system of ideas-sharing and collaboration.

The creative sectors that will be focused on include Visual Arts & Graphic Design; Communication Design; Advertising Content & Production and Music & Performing Arts. It also includes Film and Animation and Digital Games & Apps.

The government is pinning its hopes on the fast-growing IT-BPM industry under which animation, game development and other creative industries fall. IN 2016, this sector generated revenues of over $25 billion. It is expected to increase that figure to about $40 billion by 2022, apart from generating 1.8 million additional jobs.

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