The Yard Streetfood Cinema

Food parks are the thing these days because they afford the customers so much more in options and choices. We see them in all the major areas in the metropolis and this week, we visited this one in Timog Avenue called The Yard Streetfood Cinema and sat down with one of the owners, Ana Barbara Soriano.

Ana and her siblings have been in the food business for some time, operating a chain of Farinas Ilocos Empanada and of course two other branches of The Yard.

This one in Timog is their third branch. The two others have different themes and for this, their third branch, they decided to offer something different.

This one opened only in November of this year, a family-friendly food park with all the amenities of an outdoor cinema. Office workers come in for a variety of choices, and families with children in tow also love the unique cinema experience.

The open air food park is around 500 sq. meters but the layout allows for as many as five hundred diners. It has 25 food stalls, each offering something different, and for those afraid to get soaked, no worries. The owners are soon to install water proof-parachutes so you can dine outdoors dry and comfortable even in rainy weather.

The thing with food parks is the tenants can afford to price their food offerings very reasonably because there are no added overhead costs.

They opened only in November, so The Yard Streetfood Cinema is still a work in progress. They will soon add more small but interesting details to reinforce their outdoor theme like twinkling lights that give you a sense of dining under the sky.

See video below:

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