Filling Station Bar & Cafe

Enter the Filling Station 24 -hr Bar Cafe and be transported back to the golden era of the fifties. These are real gas pumps, much like the ones used by our parents and grandparents when Shell and Esso and Mobil gas were the brands that were much patronized.

Carlos Barretto, Filling Station's Manager, and beside him is Cristina del Gallego Vice President for Operations of Filling Station. Carlos has a Master's Degree in Business Administration while Cristina graduated with a degree in Hotel & Restaurant Management from Enderun Colleges. Together, they run this place.

Filling Station is located in the Makati district, and the owners chose this because it is a prime location for a hip place like their bar cafe which runs 24/7. Their target market, according to Cristina, is just about everyone.

The ex-Navy founder sourced all these novelty items and memorabilia in the U.S. and painstakingly shipped them all here to fill up virtually every nook and cranny, ever available space in this bar cafe.

When the diner opened in 1992, they only had this small area which is now their smoking area.

For now, feast your eyes on all these novelties and memorabilia that your old folks can only dream of with much fondness. The ceiling is plastered with vinyl records, and just below, check out old car plates from the US and the Philippines. Bikes are also suspended from the ceiling, and Marilyn Monroe still reigns supreme here. They have a red and white motif for their tables and chairs that goes well with their checkered flooring.

See video below:

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