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The viewing habits of a discerning and sensible television audience are vastly different from those of ordinary viewers owing to several factors, not the least of which is economic status. Even sleeping habits which may be viewed as trivial determines the choice of television programs.

It has been established that even discriminating viewers have no channel loyalty to speak of -- what determines their choices is the quality and substance of the programs aired. If it's a good show, they'll watch it, no matter which station it is on. This is intelligent, independent viewer thinking which has evolved through the years.

The timeslot which the program aired over shop tv ch 13 for sky and home cable subscribers and ch. 9 for destiny cable subscribers every tuesday night endeavored to introduce to the business class the best ways to spend their all-too-precious leisure time. But more importantly, via anchor ray butch gamboa's business report, the program aims to bring to the fore controversial yet relevant issues which bear impact on philippine business.

In its new carrying station business & leisure continues with the time-tested format it first introduced into philippine television. The show's playing power and marketability are proven by this impressive fact: it has been on the air for 24 years, making it one of the longest, if not the longest running tv program of its format. A considerable pioneer in the field of infotainment, it has become the template for succeeding imitation shows, and notwithstanding the surplus of television shows of the same nature, business & leisure has remarkably held on as the number one program in its timeslot. Originality and audience respect accumulated over the years bring home the proverbial bacon.

And because new points of interest may evolve among our viewership, we have set our sights on fresh new ideas to cater to the changing landscape of philippine business as well as leisure. The show has walked our viewers through the exciting developments in local real estate development as well as local and international travel in past features and will continue to do so in keeping with its format.